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The offices of Ralph Roberts Realty LLC, Ralph's real estate operation in Utica, MI. Ralph Roberts Realty is Ralph’s current Realtor ® base of operations.  Located in Utica, MI, and serving Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb Counties, Ralph Roberts Realty provides best-in-class real estate services ranging from investment to property management.

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2Ralph Roberts is a prolific author and writer. In addition to penning blog entries on a daily basis for years, Ralph has written over 250 articles for industry trade publications and web sites, and is currently working on more books.

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3Ralph Roberts accomplishes more in one year than most Realtors® do in their entire careers. Since 1979, Ralph has sold over 10,000 homes, prompting Time magazine to call him “the best-selling REALTOR® in America.”  Ralph now works as a consultant to aspiring businesspeople, sharing the secrets of his incredible success.

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4Ralph regularly makes himself available to work with  groups of up-and-coming Realtors® and other sales professionals who want to learn the secrets and techniques of his remarkable success.  Ralph’s skills as a coach are equal to his skills as a Realtor®, so you’ll leave each session feeling energized and full of actionable information.

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"Legendary Ralph Roberts, the REALTOR ® who sells, sells, sells..."—Sophie Landa HarperCollins, Australia
"Ralph Roberts...a super-salesman of real estate in Detroit..."—Michael Pellecchia, Star Tribune
"Ralph Roberts is the best-selling REALTOR ® in America... he just loves to sell and sell and sell."—Time Magazine