Foreclosure Self-Defense for Dummies

Foreclosure Self-Defense For Dummies
By Ralph R. Roberts (Author), Lois Maljak (Author), Paul Doroh (Author), Joe Kraynak (Contributor)

Foreclosure Self-Defense for DummiesSave your home, keep your equity, re-establish your credit!

If you can’t make your house payments or received a notice of default or foreclosure notice from your lender, you are running out of precious time. If you don’t act soon, you will lose your home and all the equity you have in it.
Most people facing foreclosure mistakenly believe that they have only two options: pay up or get out. But the authors of Foreclosure Self-Defense For Dummies can tell you that is simply not true. In this book, the authors reveal over a dozen options for saving your home or getting out from under it, including:

  • File for bankruptcy
  • Reinstate the mortgage (by catching up on missed payments)
  • Negotiate a forbearance
  • Refinance your way out of trouble
  • Sell to an investor and buying it back
  • Negotiate a short sale (convince the lender to accept less than you owe)
  • Redeem your home after the auction (buying it back)
  • Sell the home yourself (to reclaim more of your equity)
  • Walk away… without having to throw good money after bad
  • Offer a deed in lieu of foreclosure
  • Stall… through the courts and other delays

If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure, this no-nonsense guide helps size up all the options and increases the chances of saving the home. You’ll see how to delay foreclosure, form a plan of attack, negotiate solutions with your lender, and restore your financial health. Discover field-tested strategies for dodging the foreclosure trap or getting out from under a house you really can’t afford.

About the Authors:
Ralph R. Roberts
 is an award-winning Realtor® and one of the nation’s leading real estate and mortgage fraud forensics experts. He and his team of foreclosure specialists, including co-authors Lois Maljak (a foreclosure survivor) and Paul Doroh, have assisted thousands of distressed homeowners dealing with the realities of foreclosure.

ISBN: 0470251530

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